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Allied Health Client: Google Ads Campaign

Our client is an established allied health clinic specialising in podiatric, physiotherapy and Chiropractic services. Having worked in one dedicated health space within the Hawkesbury area for 25 years, their focus has shifted to achieving better holistic health outcomes for all types of patients through an integrated allied health team. They want to ensure that their name is known locally and within the neighbouring suburbs, and to be the ‘go-to’ allied health clinic for new clients.


We revisited the strategy of our client to understand what their objectives were. Rather than focusing on all aspects of the business (without the budget to match at the time), we pulled the strategy back and chose to focus on one key aspect of the business. The priority was to generate leads.  


During the campaign period (which is still ongoing), we went from 13 leads a month 3 months ago to our highest being 29 leads in the last month. The conversion rate had also gone from 7% to 13% which was pleasing to see, which is a result of focusing the budget into one campaign & having keywords very focussed on getting results for that campaign. We also introduced a bid limit for clicks for the campaign to avoid wasting any budget. 

Work Completed
October 20, 2023
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