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We specialise in
digital marketing for
service based businesses.

The beginnings of Hive

Hive was born off the back of extensive experience servicing a range of small to medium business owners as well as large corporate and identifying the key drivers for client success, packaging that up and delivering it to medium sized business owners in a comprehensive and personalised way.

Our team’s values are centred on:


We are deeply dedicated to our clients’ success. Our commitment drives us to go above and beyond, ensuring that we deliver exceptional results and exceed expectations.


Excellence is in our DNA. We strive for outstanding performance in every aspect of our work, continuously pushing the boundaries to achieve remarkable outcomes for our clients.


Building strong relationships and connections is at the core of our values. We believe in fostering a sense of community and collaboration with our clients, team members, and partners.


We stay true to ourselves and our clients. Honesty, transparency, and integrity guide our actions, ensuring that we build trust and credibility in all our interactions.


(GSD – Get Shit Done)
We are action-oriented and results-driven. When we commit to something, we make it happen. We take ownership of our responsibilities and deliver on our promises with speed and efficiency.
At Hive Media Group, these values form the foundation of our culture, guiding our decisions and actions to create meaningful and lasting partnerships with our clients and make a positive impact on the digital marketing landscape.