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Air Conditioning Client: Website Creation

Our clients, Keepin it Cool are an air-conditioning business based in Western Sydney who specialises in installation, maintenance and repairs. Their service is based on expertise, punctuality and reliability. KIC came to Hive to design and develop a dynamic website aimed at generating more leads and boosting traffic.


When we designed KIC’s website, we wanted it to feel just like them – friendly and reliable. We made sure to integrate KIC’s branding throughout every page. Consistency in colours, fonts, elements and imagery reinforces the trusted KIC experience. Our web developer then ensured a smooth user journey resulting in a refreshed and user-friendly interface. The website isn’t just a digital platform for KIC, it’s an extension of their brand, values and expertise.


The new website provides a centralised, customisable and professional platform for showcasing what kind of service KIC offers, what sets them apart from competitors, making it easier to track leads and show the location they service.

Work Completed
October 20, 2023
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