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Terms of Service

Terms of service.

Hive Media Group,  Pty Ltd.  (“Hive Media Group”)  provides  a  range  of  advertising  products  and services  for  small-  and  medium-sized  businesses  (the  “Advertising  Services”).  The Insertion  Order  (the  “Agreement”)  sets  forth  which  Advertising  Services  are  being purchased  by  Advertiser  (“Advertiser”),  the  costs  for  such  Advertising Services,  and  other  relevant  details  of  the  proposed  advertising  campaign  (the “Campaign”).

These  Advertising  Services Terms and Conditions (“Advertising Terms”) shall be incorporated  by reference  into and  made a  part  of  any Agreement submitted  to Hive Media Group and  govern  the  relationship  between  Hive Media Group  and Advertiser,  together  with  the  Product  Terms  (as  defined  below).   All Agreements  are  subject to acceptance by Hive Media Group,  in  its  sole  discretion.  The Agreement,  the  Advertising  Terms and the  documents and/or  links  referenced in the  Agreement are  sometimes  referred  to as the  “Agreement.”

1. Advertising  Services.   The Advertising  Services  include,  but  are not  limited  to, the  following: Google Ads or SEM refers to Hive Media Group’s  standard  search  engine  marketing product,  where Hive Media Group  promotes  Advertiser  through  various  search  engines.  Facebook Advertising refers  to Hive Media Group’s  standard  Facebook advertising product, where Hive Media Group promotes  Advertiser  through  online Facebook publisher disseminated  through  Hive Media Group’s  discretion.   As  Hive Media Group adds  other  products and services,  such products and services will  be referenced  in  the Agreement and  any special  terms  and  conditions  will be  posted  online, will be binding  upon  the Advertiser  and  will be  incorporated  by reference  into and made part  of  this  Agreement.

2. Advertising  Placement  and  Location.       (a) Placement.   Hive Media Group shall determine,  in  its  sole  discretion,  on  which online  properties  (the  “Publishers”)  the advertising  content  (“Ads”) will run  during the  course  of  any Campaign.   Advertiser  acknowledges  that  Hive Media Group  does not operate  or  control the Publishers  –  with  the exception  of  its  own  proprietary online  directory or  other  properties  owned  or  operated  by Hive Media Group or  its affiliates  (the  “Hive Media Group Properties”).   Advertiser  further  acknowledges  that  at any  time  during  a  Campaign,  the  Publisher  mix  may  change.   Hive Media Group  makes no  guarantees about  when or  where  the  Ads will  be  displayed by  the  Publishers or  by Hive Media Group.    (b) Geotargeting.   Hive Media Group  will  use commercially reasonable  efforts to place Ads  such  that  they will  be seen  by consumers  in  the  target  locales identified during  the  Campaign initiation process,  but  Hive Media Group  does not guarantee  that  Advertiser’s Ads will  only  be  displayed in  the  target  locales.   (c) Hive Media Group  Properties and  Third  Party Directories.   Hive Media Group may create and  post  online,  in  the  Hive Media Group Properties  or  the  directories  of  third parties,  profile  page(s)  for  Advertiser,  which  may include the  following information  regarding  Advertiser:   name,  phone  number,  email  address,  physical address,  photos,  videos,  and information regarding  the  products or  services of the  Advertiser  and  Advertiser’s  business  (the “Local Profile”).   Such  Local  Profiles may also include Tracking  Services.

3. Campaign Logistics.   (a) Duration. i. Standard Advertising Services .  With  respect  to the Standard Advertising  Services,  upon receipt  of  an Agreement  signed by  Advertiser  and acceptance  by  Hive Media Group,  Hive Media Group  will initiate the  process  of  setting  up  the Campaign.  The  duration of  the  Campaign (the  “Campaign  Period”)  shall  run from the  Actual Start  Date  until  the Actual  End  Date,  unless  earlier  terminated  by the parties  as  provided  herein.   The  “Actual Start  Date”  refers  to  the  actual commencement  date  of  a  Campaign.   Advertiser  acknowledges  that  Hive Media Group may take  up  to ten  (10) business  days  or  longer  to  review  and  prepare  the Campaign  (or  longer,  if  Hive Media Group has  been  asked  to provide  creative  services  or if  Hive Media Group experiences  technical difficulties  with  Advertiser’s  Campaign) and may require further  input  from  Advertiser  before  the Campaign  is  distributed  to the  Publishers.   The  Publishers may  then take  additional  time  to  commence dissemination of  the  Campaign.  Accordingly,  the  Actual Start  Date  will generally be  later  than  the Estimated  Start  Date  specified  on  the  Agreement.   The  Actual End  Date of  a  Campaign  will be the  day when  98%  or  more  of  the  Campaign  Media  (as defined  in  Section  4(a)i  below) for  the last  Campaign  Cycle has  been  exhausted.  Advertiser  acknowledges  that  it  may  take  more or  less  time to exhaust  the Campaign  Media  due to,  among  other  things,  the  scheduling  and inventory constraints of  the  Publishers.    ii. Duration of Other  Products  and Services .  With  respect  to other  products and services,  the  duration shall  be  as set  forth in  the  applicable Product  Terms.    (b) Campaign  Cycles.   Each Campaign  Period  consists  of  Campaign  Cycles.  For  Standard  Advertising  Services,  the  Campaign  Cycle  is  the  period  of  time  from Hive Media Group’s commencement  of  applying  the  Campaign Media  until  such time  as no  less than 98%  of  the  Campaign Media  has been utilized.   While,  on  average, this  is  approximately a  thirty (30) day  period,  Hive Media Group makes  no guarantees with  respect  to  the  time it  takes  to  fully utilize  the  Campaign  Media.   Advertiser acknowledges  that  all statistics  provided  by Hive Media Group evidencing  such utilization  shall  be  conclusive  and binding  on Advertiser  for  all  purposes of  this Agreement.

4. Fees.  Advertiser  agrees  to pay,  in  accordance  with  Section  5,  the  following, in the  amounts set  forth in the  Agreement:   (a) Descriptions i. Ongoing Monthly Rate refers  to the  recurring  amounts  payable to Hive Media Group  for  the  Standard  Advertising  Services  for  each  Campaign  Cycle. ii. Ad Spend refers  to the  aggregate  recurring  fees for each Campaign Cycle,  as specified  in the  Agreement,  such as  the  Campaign Media. iii. Setup Fees refers  to a  one-time fee  for  the  set-up of  a Campaign,  which includes,  but  is not  limited to,  Publisher  set  up,  keyword generation,  proxy creation,  phone  tracking  set-up,  creative  services  and  other similar set-up  requirements.

Payment  Terms.

(a) General.   Once an  Agreement has  been  accepted  by Hive Media Group,  Advertiser  will be  responsible  for  payment  in  full of  all fees  set  forth  therein,  except  as  may otherwise  be  provided  in  Section  6(c)  hereof.  All payments  due hereunder  are  in AUD (Australian)  dollars  and  are exclusive  of  any sales,  use or similar  applicable  taxes,  which shall be the sole  responsibility of  Advertiser.      (b) Manner  and  Timing  of  Payment.   Advertiser  may pay for  all amounts payable  under  this  Agreement  by credit  card  (the  “Advertiser’s  Card”) or  ACH (electronic debit  from  Advertiser’s  bank  account).   If  paying  by credit  card  or  ACH, Advertiser  will be  required  to sign  and  comply with  the  applicable payment authorization  forms.   Prior  to  the  initial Campaign  Cycle,  Advertiser  shall pay the Cycle  Payment  for  the  initial Campaign Cycle  and the  Campaign Set-Up Fees,  if applicable.   In advance  of  each  subsequent  Campaign Cycle,  Advertiser  shall  remit the  Cycle  Payment.   In  order  to avoid  any pauses  in  the  Campaign,  Hive Media Group may,  in  the  case of  the  Standard  Advertising  Services,  charge Advertiser’s  Card  or cause  payment  to  be  made  through ACH  for  the  upcoming  Campaign Period when 75% of  the  Campaign Media  for  the  current  Campaign Period has been exhausted, and  in  the case  of  other  products  and  services,  Hive Media Group may charge Advertiser’s Card  or  cause  payment  to be  made  by ACH  within  seven  (7) days  prior  to  the expiration  of  the  applicable Campaign  Cycle.   Advertiser  understands  and acknowledges  that  all  amounts  owed  must  be  paid  in advance  of  each Campaign Cycle  and  that,  in addition  to being  in breach of  its  contractual  obligations, Advertiser’s  Campaign may  be  paused  or  terminated  if  timely  payment  is  not made.
b) Termination  by  Hive Media Group.   Hive Media Group may terminate this Agreement  and  any Campaign  immediately without  notice and  without  cause.   (c) Termination  by Advertiser  for  Cause.   Advertiser  may terminate  this Agreement  on  thirty-one  (31) days  prior  written  notice  (the  “Notice Period”)  if Hive Media Group  is in material  breach of  its  obligations hereunder  and such breach has not  been  materially cured  by the  conclusion  of  the  Notice Period.    (d) Termination  by  Mutual  Agreement.   If  Advertiser  and  Hive Media Group agree  to early  termination  of  a  Campaign,  Advertiser  shall be  obligated  to  pay a cancellation  fee  (the  “Cancellation  Fee”) of  one  full Cycle  Payment.   No  termination under  this section shall  take  effect  until  the Cancellation  Fee has  been  paid,  meaning  that  Hive Media Group may continue  the Campaign,  and Advertiser  shall  continue  to  be  obligated to  pay  for  the  Campaign. (e) Campaign  Pauses.   Advertiser  may request  a  pause  in a  Campaign.  However,  it  shall be  in  Hive Media Group’s  sole  discretion  to determine if  a  Campaign pause  is appropriate.   (f) No Refunds.   Advertiser  understands  and agrees that  Advertiser  will not  be  entitled to  any  refunds  of  amounts already  paid to  Hive Media Group.  (g) Collection  of  Amounts  Owed.   Any  amounts not  paid by  Advertiser post 90 day  due shall bear  interest  at  the rate of  1.5%  per  month  (or  the  highest  rate permitted  by  law,  if  less).   Advertiser  agrees  to pay all  costs  of  collection (including  attorneys’  fees  and  costs  and  all other  legal and  collection  expenses) incurred  by Hive Media Group in  connection  with  its  enforcement  of  its  rights  under  the Agreement.   (h) Effect  of Termination;  Survival.   Advertiser  understands and acknowledges  that  due  to the  nature  of  the  Internet,  certain  information regarding  Advertiser  that  was posted  on the  Internet  as part  of  the  Advertising Services,  including,  for  instance,  the  Local Profile,  may continue to be available from  the  Internet  following  termination  of  any Advertising  Services  and/or  this Agreement.  All provisions  of  this  Agreement  that  by their  sense  or  nature should survive  termination  of  this  Agreement  (including,  without  limitation,  all  limits  of liability,  indemnity  obligations,  and confidentiality  obligations)  shall  so  survive. Without  limiting  the generality of  the  foregoing,  in  the  event  of  any termination, Advertiser  shall remain  liable  for  any  amounts  due  to Hive Media Group as  of  the effective  date  of  termination.